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Product Detail

Self-cohesive/adherent Bandage Wrap, Paraaid®, Latex-free, 2″ X 5yds/roll, Multi-color 36rolls/box!


Extended Manufacturer Backorder, June
Item Code: 006561 Mfg Part #: 11015
Sold As:
This product is backordered
Reason: Manufacturer backorder, production issues
Date Expected: late May-June
Substitutions: 006555


Usually ships within 24 hours.



Sensiwrap Adherent Bandage Wrap, 2″ Multi-color 36rolls/box Compare to Co-flex® or Coban® adherent wraps ParaAid® latex-free wraps are ideal to be used when light-weight controlled compression is needed. The wraps provide slip-resistant support, stick to themselves, and need no fasteners or clips. ParaAid® wraps provide excellent porosity and are light-weight and comfortable for patients. Used as a compression bandage to promote circulation or control swelling. ParaAid® Self-Cohesive (Adherent) wraps is also used to hold IV catheters, winged infusion needles and IV tubing in place for extended periods of your time. Sticks to itself without need for adhesive tape, pins or clips simple to tear – no need for scissors Wrap is slip-resistant and stays in place light-weight, porous and comfortable Breathable flexible


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