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Product Detail

Procaine 2% 40 Mg



Administration routes Procaine 2% 40 Mg: IM, SC, IC

Procaine 2% 40 Mg Local anesthetic and neural medical care sterile and pyrogen-free, preservative-free


1 ampoule of two milliliter contains:
Procaine hydrochloride forty mg

Applications: Any application of neural medical care procedures, anesthetic, especially in painful, neuritis, neuralgia, like intercostal, scar pain, and migraine. Paresthesias, and paralysis of varied origins. Gonarthrosis, coxarthrosis.

Dosage: The neural therapeutic application should follow the rules of the segment and neural medical care. counting on the indication, unless otherwise prescribed, 0.5-2 milliliter »Hewedolor-injected procaine 2%” on wheal intracutaneously or subcutaneously, and periarticular, to nerves and tendons, and per interval. The i.v. The injection isn’t suggested. the most daily dose for adults is five Amps »Hewedolor-procaine 2%” (= ten-milliliter solution for injection).

Application Notes: mixed injection with other injectable solutions isn’t suggested due to the unpredictable effects of the new drug combination. Unless the administration of many completely different injection medicine is therapeutically indicated, they’re sometimes injected one once another.

Pharmacology: procaine is quickly cleaved by esterases in tissue and is so relatively non-toxic however only shortly effective as opposition lidocaine (“Heweneural 1%”). The degradation happens in the tissue diethylamino ethanol. This causes a breakdown product of vasodilatation and is so effective circulation.

Procaine has an analgesic, anti-inflammatory drug, and antispasmodic result.

Contraindications: Intravascular injection, allergic reaction to procaine, benzoic acid and sulfonamides. ‘Para’ allergic reaction. Combination with sulfonamides, lack of pseudocholinesterase. Injection into an infected space. first trimester of pregnancy.

Side effects: like all native anesthetics of the ester-type dose-dependent occur with intramuscular or subcutaneous injection of the subsequent side effects:

Systemic allergies manifest as urticaria, edema, bronchospasm and anaphylactic shock.

Local allergies within the kind of dermatitis with erythema, itching and blistering. native reactions within the kind of swelling, edema, erythema, eczema papulovesivulärem, superficial and deep necrosis, and hematoma.

In case of accidental intravascular application, the subsequent adverse effects occur (partly dependent on dose and injection speed):

Central nervous system disorders (such as agitation, respiration issues, muscle tremors to generalized convulsions, nausea, vomiting), skin reactions (urticaria, mucosal edema, rash), pressure level, tachycardia, bradycardia, ECG changes (flattened T waves, shortened ST segment); anaphylaxis, kidney disease, genital bleeding in postmenopausal women.

Note: hypotension and tachycardia or bradycardia are typically compensated only by a horizontal or slightly head-down position.


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