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Northern Lights (500mg)


Category: ASCND Kurvana


Buy Tangie Dream 500mg Online

Do you like Sativa or Sativa-dominant strains, then guess what; we have a perfect weed product for you! ASCND Kurvana Tangie Dream is an idol cannabis cartridge for every sativa or sativa-dominant strain lover. This sativa-dominant hybrid strain reeks of orange peel and rock candy; the complimentary taste of orange peel and citrus oils offers a stimulating and relaxing experience to its users. If you are looking for marijuana for daytime use, this Tangie Dream 500 mg cartridge is perfect to uplift the mood and energize your mind. This sativa-dominant cross between Tangie and Blue Dream has now become a popular choice to boost appetite and relieve stress and depression.

If you are looking for something powerful and quick in action, sativa-dominant product for high-impact and long-lasting effects, then buy tangie dream 500mg online from the legal and trustworthy Cannabis Mall Dispensary at an affordable price. These are perfect to use in the morning or daytime for a sense of euphoria with a citrusy punch of flavors; get your hands on ASCND Kurvana Tangie Dream 500 mg for a euphoric vaping experience. Its true-to-strain taste and psychoactive effects offer experienced cannabis users the relaxing experience after a long and tiring weekend.

Northern Lights


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