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Revolutionize your injection procedures with Micro-Cannula, offering reduced pain, minimal bleeding, and virtually no bruising. Experience precise injections with minimal discomfort and maximum safety features.


What Is a Micro-Cannula?

Discover the transformative benefits of Micro-Cannula, an innovative medical tool revolutionizing injection procedures. Unlike traditional needles, Micro-Cannula offers reduced pain, minimal bleeding, and virtually eliminates bruising and tissue trauma. With its ultra-thin wall and clinical safety features, including a smooth rounded tip and high-quality stainless steel construction, Micro-Cannula ensures precise injections with minimal discomfort. Experience the difference with Micro-Cannula by Dermasculpt, your trusted solution for smoother, more controlled injections.

What Are the Benefits?

It reduced pain. Moreover it less bleeding. In the same way it less bruising, less tissue trauma or swelling.

Micro-cannula injection requires a single entry point for a large area instead of many as occurs with a traditional needle. Because the tip of the cannula is smooth and rounded, small vessels are simply pushed out of the way instead of being cut – so instead of pain you’ll most frequently experience little more than pressure.

Ultra Thin Wall

A wider caliber enables less extrusion force for a smoother and more controlled injection.

Clinical Safety

Gently curved cutting edge of side hole, with a specially polished and coated surface to prevent tissue damage. Individually wrapped to ensure maximum sterility.

High quality Stainless Steel

Absolute flexibility and strength of stainless steel.

Precise Injection

Gradation and orientation marks to ensure precise injection.

Pre-hole sharp needle

Cannula is presented in a blister package which contains a pre-hole sharp needle with the same diameter.


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