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Jintropin 100IU


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Jintropin 100IU is basically a supplement that contains the Human Growth Hormone or the HGH that helps a person to increase their strength and agility, while also improving their performance in a number of activities.


What is Jintropin 100IU?

Jintropin 100IU is basically a supplement that contains the Human Growth Hormone or the HGH that helps a person to increase their strength and agility, while also improving their performance in a number of activities. Many people also consume this supplement in the hopes that it will help them counter aging problems. However, it does not really help in anti-aging and only acts as a supplement that boosts the growth of muscles and the enhancement of the body structure.

Jintropin 100IU was developed and identified by Dr. Lei Jin, a Chinese scientist, who gave it the name after his own. The HGH was created with the use of the DNA technology found in the metabolic process of the E.coli bacteria. The DNA technology of the bacteria apparently comprises a similar sequence of amino acids as that of a native HGH or human growth hormone found in the body of a person. The HGH is a very important hormone that is secreted by the body’s pituitary glands. These glands help to stimulate the growth of bones and muscles in the body and also help to regulate the metabolism.

Benefits Jintropin 100IU

Human growth hormone has exhibited considerable amounts of benefits for people who are looking to develop their muscles and improve their body structure. The hormone also has numerous benefits for people who lack the presence of this hormone in their body, and are suffering from the deficiency of HGH. An HGH deficiency in the body can lead to prevention of the development of body muscles, leading to a thin body structure. Jintropin 100IU is also helpful in improving the density of bones as well as muscle mass, while also decreasing the fat content within the body of users. The hormonal supplement is also recommended in the treatment of patients suffering from HIV or AIDS in order to counter their muscle-wasting conditions.

Dosage Jintropin 100IU

The dosage of the supplement is different for people of different age groups and with different needs and requirements. Moreover, someone who is new to the supplement must administer a different dosage to a person who has made use of the supplement for quite some time now. A dose of 4-8 i.u. per day is enough for a person who wants to gain lean muscle and improve their body composition substantially. However, a dose of 4-5 i.u. per day has shown excellent results for many people. Additionally, a slight addition of testosterone, minute quantities of insulin and a low dose of T3 will also help to improve the benefits of the supplement in mass and muscle gain.

Side effects Jintropin 100IU

The most common side effect that has been noticed due to the unregulated use of Jintropin includes massive swelling in the arms and legs that are very painful as well. Other side effects include pain and swelling in the joints, possible enlargement in the breast tissues in men, and abnormal growth in the developments of hands and legs. The unmonitored use of the Jintropin supplement has also known to cause diabetes and a number of heart diseases in old age. When used in children, Jintropin 100IU can lead to the development of cancer when they grow older. This is one of the most important reasons why the use of the supplement is not recommended for the growth of children.

Now, the possibility or the visibility of any side effects that Jintropin or growth hormone may have is largely dependent on a great many numbers of factors. For starters, the age is a very compelling factor that might have a great impact on the use of this supplement and any possible side effects. For example, a youngster in his early 20s will have a significant amount of natural growth in the body due to the natural secretion of the HGH by the pituitary glands of the body. Under such circumstances, the chances of side effects due to the excessive use of the supplement increase largely. You can read about other steroids like Hygetropin.