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Product Detail

iMini Battery


Buy iMini Battery in Canada. It is a unique and powerful, super stealthy vaporizer to use with oil cartridges 100% No leaking ceramic CBD vape cartridge.




The iMini Battery’s small discreet design keeps your vaping discrete. This stealthy vaporizer makes it easy for you to enjoy your favorite oil cartridges anywhere you go. Through a variable voltage battery, you can tailor the temperature delivered to your oil based on the consistency of your product to deliver you a perfect hit time and time again. You can also preheat the battery making it immediately ready for use anytime you are.

With its small, compact design, the iMini Battery will quickly become your favorite companion during all of your outdoor adventures.

Vape Battery
Brand: imini

iMini Battery

iMini Battery
iMini Battery
iMini Battery
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