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Product Detail

Hygetropin 100IU (10x10IU)


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Hygetropin 100IU is also known as rhGH (recombined Human Growth Hormone) as it is produced with recombinant DNA technology identical to the body’s natural growth hormone


What is Hygetropin 100IU ?

Hygetropin 100IU is also known as rhGH (recombined Human Growth Hormone) as it is produced with recombinant DNA technology identical to the body’s natural growth hormone. Hygetropin 100IU contains the protein consisting of 191 amino acid and was originally founded by Dr. Lin. He was the chief chemist who created the stable 191 amino acid sequence in Hygetropin.


Hygetropin 100IU should be used with sterile bacteriostatic water for injection. The water acts as a solvent to dissolve the powder inside the vial and turn it into an injectable solution. Use a new sterile syringe (pin width should be 19G-27G) to pull solvent into syringe (1ml of water or less) Inject the water very slowly in a controlled manner to the side of the vial and let the water slide down the bottom of the vial. Do not push the water directly onto the GH powder! Doing so will damage it. Gently dissolve the drug with a slow, swirling motion. Do not shake vigorously, or the active ingredient might denature. Inspect to see if there is still powder at the bottom of the vial, you may need to let the vial in room temperature for a few minutes in order for powder to dissolve completely.


Using an sterile syringe gently withdraw from the vial the desired dose to be injected and release any unwanted air from the syringe. Hygetropin 100IU should be injected subcutaneously by preferred areas are stomach or upper thighs. Wash hands and rub skin with alcohol pad, with one hand pinch 2″ inch fold of skin between your thumb and index finger. Hold the syringe with the other hand. Insert the needle at 45- 90 degrees angle to the pinched skin. Gently pull back the plunger to check for blood. If blood enters the solution do not inject, withdraw the needle and start again at a new injection spot. Push the plunger gently to inject, when plunger is all the way down, remove the syringe gently and lightly hold an alcohol pad on the injection spot. Do not rub the area. Dispose of syringe, needles and alchohol pads are always use new ones for each injection. The injection spot should be varied to prevent lipoathrophy.

How does the Hygetropin 100IU looks like ?

Each Hygetropin shot (here each 10iu) comes in two vials. One contain powder (human growth hormone) and second one water for injection. When you take out both from the fridge (place where you should keep hgh as well as hcg if you have one already for PCT) you should mix them together by injecting (slowly to avoid bubbles) water into vial with powder . Shake it gently to avoid bubbles creation (or if they appear wit little bit but not to long so they are gone) and your Hygetropin is ready for injection . Do not keep your already mixed hgh for next day shot ! It will loose its property ! Inject it straight away .

Side effects Hygetropin 100IU

Because HGH is very effective, it has many side effects at overdosage. The possible side effects are: vision problems, muscle and joints pains, vomiting, severe stomach pains, tiredness, dry skin, headache, increased urination and other. It can cause kidney and liver problems.

The side effects of using Hygetropin 100IU as a body building drug are minimal and rare. Some side effects of this drug : hypoglycemia, extended belly, joint pain acromeglia, carpal tunnel syndrome. You can read about other steroids like Strombaject aqua.