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Product Detail

Glass teapot with infuser 850 ml


Do you regularly consume tea, herbal tea or hemp infusions? Our glass teapot with integrated stainless steel infuser will simplify your daily life! Elegant and practical, it allows you to do without a tea ball and prepare larger quantities at a time.

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A glass teapot with an elegant design

Our glass teapots with infuser focus on sobriety, without ever neglecting the functional side. The main part is thus in borosilicate glass, granting him a excellent thermal shock resistance, and therefore the ability to safely contain hot liquids. More precisely, borosilicate glass is located halfway between conventional glass and crystal, sensitive to temperature variations. Less sensitive to thermal shocks, it is the ideal material for making infusions in complete safety.

The body of the glass teapot is completed with a elegant bamboo cover and a stainless steel infuser which saves you the use of a tea ball, an additional infuser or simply having to pass your infusion. With its 850 milliliters, this teapot finally allows you to prepare in advance the equivalent of four big cups, for example infusion of hemp tea CBD.

How to use your glass teapot with infuser?

This glass teapot with infuser takes up the challenge of mixing a minimalist and modern look to a kitchen accessory super practical to use. Rather than being placed in the body of the teapot and thus reducing its aesthetic qualities, the stainless steel infuser is in the form of a discreet filter, placed directly in the pouring neck. The glass teapot thus retains all its charm and is particularly suitable for loose leaf tea, tea flowers, hemp infusion mixes and infusions of CBD flowers.

To use it, nothing could be simpler:

  1. Place the desired amount of plant material directly into the body of the glass teapot.
  2. Pour simmering water (850 mL capacity, or 4 large cups).
  3. Wait 8-10 minutes (or follow the instructions on the package, depending on the nature of the mixture to be infused).
  4. Pour your tea into cups and enjoy a good moment of relaxation with friends! Thanks to the infuser / filter, the tea or hemp remains trapped in the teapot and you can enjoy a clear infusion, at the perfect temperature and full of aromas.

Advantages of our glass teapots

The advantages of our teapot with stainless steel infuser are numerous. Among the main ones we note their side:

  • More information: it is easy to use and clean. The built-in infuser is easy to remove without the risk of dropping the tea infuser or of burning yourself while passing your infusion.
  • Aesthetic: it is elegant with its modern shape, its perfectly transparent borosilicate glass and its bamboo cover.
  • Durable: thanks to its resistant and mostly recyclable materials.

Glass teapot with infuser 850 ml


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