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Filorga Art Filler Volume with Lidocaine 2×1.2ml

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Filorga Art Filler Volume with Lidocaine 2×1.2ml

Filorga Art Filler Volume from the Filler Medical range is a hyaluronic acid filler containing lidocaine to ensure increased comfort during treatment.

Art Filler Volume is one of 4 textured gels, that make it easy to increase volume. The range features Tri-Hyal technology combining 3 types of Hyaluronic acids, including long-chained and very long-chained. Proven to show high performance and tolerability, ensuring no granuloma formation.

What do I receive in the box?

2 x 1.2 ml Filorga Art Filler Volume with 25mg/ml concentration HA and 0.3% lidocaine

What are the Benefits of Filorga Art Filler Volume with Lidocaine 2×1.2ml?

It’s recommended for:

  • Volumising and contouring the facial appearance
  • Optimal comfort with presence of Lidocaine
  • High injectability
  • Ergonomic syringe

Filorga Art Filler Volume with Lidocaine (2×1,2ml)  is a dermal filler with hyaluronic acid and lidocaine, specially designed to increase the volume and improve the contours of your face.

Tri-Hyal technology formulation, which is unique to Filorga Art Filler’s line, encompasses a ratio of three very long chains and long chains of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that holds moisture together within the cells, which creates a healthy and efficient environment. However, the natural reduction of hyaluronic acid due to aging causes the skin to suffer, facing dehydration, dryness and marked defects.
The entanglement of Tri-Hyal technology forms a flexible complex that enables the gel to have high elasticity and viscosity in fashioning the shape. It also lends itself to other potentials such as sculpting, resisting strain and damage, conducive volumizing property, and non-toxic biocompatible integration within the human body. Other types of textures allow it to be softening and smoothening the fine and superficial wrinkles, plumping and hydrating the lips, correcting the medium to severe wrinkles, and more beauty enhancement.
To reduce the pain of the injection, lidocaine gives an optimal injection experience.


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