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Cookies Strain



Category: Indica

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Cookies strain

Buy cookies strain. Cookies strain Kush from Barney’s Coffeeshop combines GSC with the Rolex phenotype of OG Kush, resulting in a potent indica worthy of 1st place in High Times’ 2014 Amsterdam Cannabis Cup in the “Best Coffeeshop Strain.

Garlic Cookies features a taste that, like its name implies, is paying homage to garlic with a light cookie diesel outcome upon exhale. The aroma may be very earthy by using a heavy diesel overtone that lingers extended When you end toking. The Garlic Cookies superior is very similar to its Female Scout Cookies parent, with very long-lasting outcomes that strike both head and body.

Cookies Strain Overview

Cookies is actually a heavily indica dominant hybrid strain (ninety% indica/10% sativa) made by means of crossing the strong Chemdawg X Lady Scout Cookies strains. Notorious for its hefty taste and challenging-hitting effects, this bud is a favourite of indica customers worldwide.

Cookies strain is every bit as good as it sounds! It’s a pure indica that boasts uplifting and euphoric effects along with a relaxing come-down. Users often enjoy this strain’s minty effervescence, along with its sweet edge and nutty goodness.

What Is the Cookies Strain?

The Cookies weed is an award-winning strain that has garnered a loyal following. It captured the coveted Best Hybrid title at the 2015 Dope Cup in Seattle. And it’s no surprise seeing as it comes from an oft-celebrated strain – Girl Scout Cookies. While this GSC features prominently in discussions surrounding Peppermint Cookies’ origins, mystery surrounds its other parent.

Its original breeders, Gold Leaf Gardens, based in Washington, haven’t divulged this interesting tidbit. What is clear to most, however, is that this strain typifies GSC in many ways.

It exhibits the same relaxing come-down along with a sweet edge, spicy overtones, and tasty flavor. Yet while GSC is about 60% indica with some sativa genetics, Peppermint Cookies is an offshoot that boasts pure indica goodness.

And as with most indicas, this strain has a sedative quality that may ease users into a blissful night’s sleep. Due to this characteristic, users should consume this strain in the evening.


Cookies strain has an intense but pleasant aroma. Besides a fresh minty vitality, it also has some spicy notes and a sweet and woodsy appeal.


Peppermint Cookies features not only an incredible aroma but also a fantastic taste profile. Users swear by its rush of minty effervescence, along with nutty hints reminiscent of macadamias. It also boasts hints of sweet candy, fresh pine, and earth. Other elements include traces of herb along with a dab of skunk.

Although many users love Peppermint Cookies’ taste and smell, just as many adore how it looks. This strain has copious buds that feature an exotic mix of colors. It has vibrant purples, streaks of blues, along with deep greens and orange pistils. It also boasts a heavy, sticky layer of trichomes.
Strain Grow Info

seeds grow both indoors and outdoors. However, growers who cultivate outdoors should keep this cannabis type in a warm, Mediterranean-like climate. Outdoor growers can expect their first yield between late September and early October. Indoor growers can expect this strain to take about 8-9 weeks to harvest.

Cookies strain isn’t as fussy as some other strains and is resistant to many molds and pests. It thrives best in a warm environment and responds well to trimming and pruning.
THC Content – Highest Test

This strain has an average THC level of 22%.
CBD Content – Highest Test

The highest content test for CBD is 1%.

Medical Benefits of the Cookies Strain

Cookies Strain is an ideal strain for relaxation, and many users consume it to combat stress. Many also use it to beat back some symptoms of depression, as it may induce feelings of happiness and contentment. ADD/ADHD and asthma sufferers may also benefit from this strain’s calming effects.

Other users contend it works wonders for chronic pain, muscle spasms and may alleviate PTSD and mood disorder-related issues. Some also find it helpful for nausea, migraine, panic disorder, and muscle spasms. Still, most users consume this strain to address insomnia and to regulate sleeping patterns.
Possible Side Effects of the Peppermint Cookies Strain

Some users report adverse effects after consuming Peppermint Cookies. These effects may include headaches, dry mouth and eyes, and dizziness.
Final Thoughts on the Peppermint Cookies Strain

The Cookies strain is a good choice for an evening in or going out with friends. It inspires relaxation and wipes away stress, two great qualities that can enhance sleep.

It can also assist with chronic and minor pain. In all, those looking for a flavorful, aromatic smoke that is easy to grow may want to give this strain a go.

Where To Buy The Strain.

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Cookies Strain
Cookies Strain
Cookies Strain
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