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Buy Testosterone enanthate IRAN (250 mg/ml) 1ml, PRICE IS EACH PER AMP!


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Product: Testosterone enanthate
Manufacture: IRAN
Quantity: 250 mg/ml
Pack: 1 ml

Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance: Testosterone enanthate



Testosterone enanthate IRAN (250 mg/ml) 1ml

Testosterone enanthate is one of the most common and widely used testosterone esters.

It first appeared in the markets of Western countries in the early 1950s, and almost immediately became popular among the athletes.

Apart from sports, it is widely used in medicine, which is used particularly for the treatment of patients of growth and physical development.

Over time, the drug was developed and received a large amount of modifications, since they now have at their disposal a high quality, well tested and proven medication.

Course testosterone

Course admission is considered the basic unit of measurement of time of ingestion.

The drug cycle time is approximately 8 weeks. This period is sufficient to achieve the objectives.

It is worth mentioning that some athletes are taking the drug and for a longer time. However, we wish to warn that in this realization, the risk of side effects increases dramatically. It is better not to experiment, and follow recommendations of the trainer and doctor, and any changes in the logic of employment drug and insurance will align with the professionals.

Also, before you start taking this medicine, you should know that you are taking this medicine should apply only to adults who have been subjected to a medical examination, during which were not identified irregularities and problems in the work and functions of the systems of the human body.

Dose testosterone enanthate

Now, of course, we must talk about the dose of the drug.

Each manufacturer your dosage intake growth hormone and steroids. This is explained by different amount of active ingredient in the composition, the presence of additional components and other components.

In this case, the dose is 500 mg to 1250 mg per week.

Since the drug can also be taken by women, and they create their own range of doses. It ranges from 50-100 mg per week. This dose will be sufficient to achieve the effect of female bodybuilders.

Enanthate testosterone side effects

In order to eliminate the potential estrogenic side effects, it is best to use Proviron or other aromatase inhibitors – about 2-3 weeks of the course and up to 7 days for completion. If possible, it is useful to control the level of estradiol: allows to track the efficiency of suppression of estrogen “pobochek”. After the reception, to avoid loss of gain muscle mass, it is necessary to take cortisol blockers.

Just as with any other ester of testosterone, the drug in varying degrees, capable of suppressing its own natural male testosterone production.

The solution in this case is the observance of the recommended dosage, and after passing the course of therapy with the use of formulations specially designed.

Also among the most frequent side effects occur, such as swelling and signs of obesity. Therefore, after the completion of the course of therapy is mandatory.

Testosterone views

In the network there are many critical athletes on this medication. In general, most of them are positive. Athletes in mind how in a relatively short course of time who were able to achieve a significant increase in muscle mass in the body. In addition, the increase of power and performance, as well as indicators of resistance.

In addition to the anabolic effect in terms of sports, the preparation also has a certain amount of medical effects. For example, due to its properties, the amount of oxygen in the blood increases, improves the oxygen supply to the cells, which in turn positively influences the biochemical processes in the body.

In addition, the drug may be recommended for people that have problems with joints and intervertebral discs, so it is able to reinforce them, nourishes the bones all elements and useful materials.


Buy testosterone enanthate

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