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Product Detail

Buy MEO-PV9, 4-methoxy PV9 (hydrochloride) PRICE PER GRAM!




Order MEO-PV9 bath salts from a reliable MEO-PV9 China vendor. As one of the most reliable drug MEO-PV9 for sale suppliers we present the following information:

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The offered substance is one of the newest in the designer drugs list. It is intended for research and forensic use only. It is little known about pharmacological and toxicological properties. MEO-PV9 is prohibited for human consumption. In this chemical shop you can buy MEO-PV9 in the form of white crystalline powder.


MEO-PV9 gained a lot of attention in recent past because its similarity to prohibited research chemicals. Make sure MEO-PV9 is legal in the country of your residence before you place an order as it could be a banned research chemical because there are some fears concerning MEO-PV9 abusing. In research chemical labs in China laboratory workers succeeded to synthesize a brand-new chemical analogous to well-known stimulants. MEO-PV9 is quite suitable to work with in laboratory conditions. You just need to choose a reputable MEO-PV9 vendor. Avoid black market dealers, who provide cheaper prices as we offer the most affordable MEO-PV9 price possible. MEO-PV9 belongs to a cathinones family. It acts like a powerful modifier of neurotransmitter re-uptake. MEO-PV9 effects include seduction, feeling of relaxation and euphoria. Because of the fact that MEO-PV9 is almost untested there is little information about its pharmacological properties and side effects. If you want to know MEO-PV9 true characteristics it’s necessary to conduct researches and tests.


Among other European research chemical vendors we highlight information about controlled substances (controlled substance schedule 1 5) as well as legal drugs online. Buy legalchem here. Our company supplies legal psychoactive drugs legal stimulants from the full list of legal synthetic cannabinoids, new research chemicals 2015, opioid research chemicals. You can purchase rc chemicals using your rcnet chemicals discount codein our research chemical store online. You can order MEO-PV9 research chemicals just in a few clicks and visit research chemicals UK forum to know about psychedelic trip reports and experience with research chemical powders and crystals.


To buy research chemicals online you should choose MEO-PV9 dosage and specify delivery address, pay your order and wait for a delivery. Don’t forget to check MEO-PV9 legality in the country of your residence before placing an order.

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