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Ivory Wave Bath Salt

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the concentrated nature of this product we strongly recommend that you purchase the 200mg size. If you have never purchased this product before and that for the first few hours you only use one application. You will be surprised by how long it lasts – -there really is no need for a second application for hours. Once you have experienced ivory wave bath salts you will know how to apply in future.

It is also strongly recommend that you do not mix these bath salts with other similar products and for health and safety reasons. Its always best to stay away from alcohol and prescription medication, or to be intoxicated when bathing using ivory wave or any other bath salts product sold on this site.


Concentrated bath salts (new formula in a silver pack) Great new product said to be twice as satisfying as herbal highs “charge”, Snow blow and the rest. Ivory is unbelievably close to the real deal. you won’t be disappointed.

Ivory Wave Bath Salt

Soothing bath Salts – Relax and soak away IVORY WAVE, Concentrated bath salts, please only use as advised, PLEASE do not use this as SNUFF!!! Add the contents to a hot bath to naturally soften the water which will leave you feeling very soothed and relaxed. Also used to mimic the natural hot springs of the Greek sea.

Chemical Properties:

Contains: Epsom Salts, Sodium Barcarbonate, Sodium Chloride, minerals, trace elements and naturally occurring amino acids.

Additional information

Weight :

10g, 20g, 50g, 100g, 500g, 1kg