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Buy Halcion (Triazolam) 0.250mg for sale



Halcion (Triazolam) 0.250mg

Therapeutic indications:

Triazolam 0.250mg is recommended for treating short- and long-term insomnia and short-term adjunctive therapy in treating selected patients with long-term insomnia. 0.250 mg of Halcion (Triazolam)

ContraindicationsPatients with known allergies to benzodiazepines or any product’s components should not take Halcion.

Dosage of 0.250 mg of triazolam and its mode of use

Individualizing HALCION dosage is essential for a beneficial result and to help prevent severe unwanted effects. The recommended dose for the majority of adults is 0.25 mg before bed. It has been determined that an amount of 0.125 mg is adequate for selected patients. For those patients who do not respond correctly to a lesser dose, a dose of 0.5% mg should be saved. The recommended dosage range for elderly and disabled patients is 0.125 mg to 0.25 mg. The recommended starting dose for therapy in this facility is 0.125 mg. The least potent dose, as with other drugs, should be taken. HALCION has not yet been tested for safety or effectiveness in people under 18. 0.250 mg of Halcion (Triazolam)

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