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Buy Drostanolone online

Drostanolone injection – is a common steroid drug with strong androgenic activity and moderate anabolic properties. It is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone produced synthetically, virtually no effect on the androgenic receptors and cells, therefore, does not usually cause aromatization significant side effects. Buy Drostanolone online

The use of Genesis Drostanolone is among a wide range of athletes, both professional and beginners. The active ingredient of the drug drostanolone dipropionate its main effect is a marked increase in power performance, density and muscle relief without an increase in weight. The peculiarity of the drug – is its anti-estrogen activity and rapid elimination from the body, a term that allows you to take a steroid directly before the competition (for optimal physical shape before the performance).

Properties steroid

Many athletes, runners and finishing bodybuilders give preference to this steroid. It is equipped with a predominantly androgenic activity, so the demand among athletes, which is unacceptable for an overall weight gain (not go on a heavyweight class or for other reasons).

When receiving drostanolone increases the level of androgens in the blood, but growth estrogen response occurs. This means that there is a qualitative growth of dense muscle mass, sharply drawn relief and decreases body fat. This is especially important in the final stage of preparation for performances that have already reached the amount of weight to be translated into quality. Often there is a description of the drug as a means of “final offensive.”

Initially, products based on this active ingredient (drostanolone) used to fight breast cancer, however, the treatment of women there is a high probability of occurrence of side effects, including symptoms of virilization. In this regard, experts had to abandon their use among women.

Today, a lot of athletes use steroids drostanolone action to impart hardness of the muscles of the competition. The drug is excreted from the body in just 14 days, so of course well built it provides qualitative results of growth with relative safety.

But precisely because of improved drug activity of androgens to women athletes is not recommended. Only very experienced athletes can enter up to 25 mg every two or three days. If you do more often or in large amounts, the effects of virilization can not be avoided. Women usually use analogs of the drug with less pronounced androgenic activity is recommended.

Dosage and Administration

The dose for significantly more men than for women – 300-500 mg per week over the course of 6-10 weeks or more at 8-12. Injections are performed every day 3 due to the activity of the active substance.

Side effects of Drostanolone of Genesis, the responses of athletes, hardly appear. Unusual effects can be noted itching at the injection site, drowsiness, and periodic eruption. In general, when the recommended doses can sometimes occur only acne and high blood pressure. Testosterone production is significantly reduced but gradually recovered after the end of injection (recommended TPC). Contraindications can only serve the idiosyncrasies of the active ingredient. Buy Drostanolone online

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This drug can be used individually or in combination with other drugs. The most useful combinations are combined with Winstrol, Oxandrolone, Parabolan’s, Primabolan (or its analogs based on the same active substance). In these cases, the course of steroids is performed with a low dose (compared to the use of one). Such a combination allows the athlete to achieve a significant acceleration of muscle building while giving relief to muscles.
When combined with Primobolan must take into account that provides a significant effect after extended periods of time, therefore, set a course of steroids usually lasts longer – up to 12 weeks

Interestingly combination with boldenone, but this combination causes a significant increase in appetite, which may create difficulties for some athletes diet. To control its weight when the healthy appetite, to say the least, difficult.


Buy Drostanolone online