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Buy Cello Gel Cool Slimming 150 ml



Buy Cello Gel Cool Slimming 150 ml

Buy Cello Gel Cool Slimming 150 ml. The new Cello Gel Cool Slimming has been created especially for our heat-sensitive customers. This gel can even be applied with spider veins and easily visible veins. It activates the blood circulation and fat burning while the skin remains cool!

Application: Buy Cello Gel Cool Slimming 150 ml

Apply an even layer of CELLO GEL cool slimming, working your way from bottom to top. Wrap the foil tightly. When wrapping the figure shape and tighten appropriately. The product should be left on the skin for 30 to 45 minutes.
Pamper the skin by applying the CELLO CREAM aloe vera. Natural plant oils and carefully selected plant extracts are the base of AROMA DERM Cello Gels. In case of undesired skin reactions, discontinue the treatment immediately!

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Cello Gel Cool Slimming is a cool body wrapping application with menthol. You don’t need to cover veins (Cool Gel). For all, who likes it not only hot. The fat burning is activated. Feel the cool tingle on your skin.

Caffeine and guarana activate microcirculation and fat burning.
The algae ingredients in combination with birch and horsetail provide a firmer skin tissue and a smoother skin appearance.

Cello cooling anti-cellulite gel for wrapping. Corrects the figure with a cooling effect, so the product is suitable for those who cannot tolerate heat. Used in the first stage. Caffeine and guarana activate fat catabolism and accelerate blood circulation, the gel has a cool, tingling effect on the skin of the body and perfectly breaks down fat and eliminates the signs of cellulite. This product is perfect for those with a pronounced capillary network and varicose veins, as they do not need to be additionally covered with a cooling gel before the procedure.


  • Destruction of cellulite;
  • Decrease in body volume (approximately 0.5-1.0 cm per procedure);
  • Weight reduction;
  • Elimination of waste in the body
  • Restoration of connective and adipose tissue cells;
  • Restoration of microcirculation and lymph;
  • Optimizing metabolism;
  • Increasing the elasticity of the connective tissue of the skin;
  • Prevention of stretch marks.



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