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AOD9604 is also known as tyr-somatostatin 177-191; it belongs to class of synthetic peptides and consists of 14 amino acids. Its molecular formula is C78H13O23S2 and its molecular mass is 1815.1.

To date, in 1978 scientists Ng and Borstein suggested that functionality of few proteins including AOD9604 might be dependent on both informational sequence and proper physical configuration. Since this protein also represents hormones and is also defined as analogue (synthetic) of growth hormone, researchers (Monash University) more than a decade ago conducted study with animal model about its metabolic effects on obesity and found that fragment 176-191 targets obese fat cells not lean cells, and furthermore has no adverse effects on insulin sensibility.

This research compound is a bit modified form of 14 amino acids of GH polypeptide; recently scientists found that it’s responsible for controlling fat-reducing effect of initial polypeptide. Tyr-somatostatin is able to stimulate lipolysis and to slow down lipogenesis and to improve cholesterol level. Due to being rich in proline and providing high accessibility for proteases this compound influences conformational alterations in cytoplasmic domain of triple erythrocytes’ membrane.

Currently this fragment of hGH should be used for research purposes only.

AOD is a peptide 15 amino acids long which mimics a small portion of the growth hormone that has the fat reducing effects (increases fat metabolism).  It works by mimicking the way natural growth hormone regulates fat metabolism but without the adverse effects on blood sugar and growth that is seen if unmodified growth hormone is given.  It stimulates lipolysis (break down of fat) and inhibits lipogenesis (non fat food being stored in the body as fat).

AOD has been shown to target abnormal fat stores, and to prevent fat from being stored in the cells.  Studies have shown that it reduces the most stubborn fat regions (like abdominal fat).   It also has other benefits including increasing muscle mass, increasing IGF-1 (insulin growth factor) in a positive way to metabolise fat, and increase the amount of energy burned for the same amount of activity.

Other benefits which have been shown include an improvement in osteoarthritis.  It does this by increasing cartilage and collagen production in the joints to increase the thickness and repair some of the damage.  It has been shown to improve muscle, tendon and ligament repair, improve bone density which may have positive effects on osteoporosis.

AOD is given daily either as an injection or transdermal cream.  The effects are accumulative and continue to improve while taking it.

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Cyclised Sequence, Line Sequence