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Bayer Tationil Glutathione 600mg

Buy Bayer Tationil Glutathione 600mg online

BAYER Tationil Gluta I.V. Injectable is a protein (amino acid) molecule which is important as our body antioxidant, immune system booster and detoxifier, it presents in every cell to promote normal function as maintaining the immune system; one of the master antioxidant that mostly found in liver; it eliminates toxic compound (such as Paracetamol) in liver; it reconstitutes vitamin C and E which is being oxidized; combine taking with vitamin c injection; greatly enhance your immunity, reduces tiredness, more youthful skin and stay healthy; fights against the cancer, heart disease, premature aging, auto-immune disease and chronic illness. Bayer Tationil Glutathione 600mg

TATIONIL is a pure injectable L-GLUTATHIONE with 600mg dosage. It is dissolve with 4ml of distille water and is directly inject either by intravenous (recommend ) or intramuscular route. Many cosmetic dermatologists had been using the product due to its other effect whitening of the skin. We assure you of the seal of the Genuine TATIONIL, which has a seal at the back of the box. However This is a safety feature in order to detect other counterfeit products.

Information about Bayer Tationil Glutathione 600mg

Our skin needs at least 10 vials to see a visible result by taking the treatment therapy for just a month of therapy. Others will already see the skin whitening effect after 6 to 8 vials in a 3 weeks of course treatment or even faster if with VITAMIN C Injectables ( see LAROSCORBINE Vitamin C injectables)or if the Glutathione is double dose. A very fast result compared to oral glutathione and truly a guarantee to see!


Each box contains 10x600mg of Glutathione together with 10x4ml distilled aqua for mixing. It is manufactured by Bayer, Italy.


Firstly No known interaction, individual with liver malfunction is not suppose to take this product. secondly Pregnant and lactating women are not suppose to take the injection and other same kind of supplementary.

Dosage and method:

1 ampoule weekly by intravenous or intramuscular method.


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